About us:
iwasborn2bwild.com Is a online shop of baby products, we believe that
everyone has the right to buy the best products and brands at a reasonable price.
We buy in advance a large quantity of stock and for that we get very low prices and the low prices we give to the consumer without compromising the quality of the brand or service.
We rent warehouses at low costs and ship to all over the world.
The large quantity we sell allows us to earn a little on each product and that’s a win win Situation.

iborn2bwild.com was built upon the following principles
and is dedicated to fulfilling them:

  • To provide the most affordable babies products to people all over the world.
  • To provide the highest-quality products to our customers.
  • To make it easy to order online.
  • To provide exceptional customer support.

Quality Assurance

We are committed to providing a quality products and a safe shopping experience